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ARMAC was established in Long Island, New York by Herb Etzold, Stu Bruce and Jim Greenguard the summer of 1976, as a sales representative organization for commission. 

Herb represented Dyonics by Smith & Nephew. The Dyonics Arthoscopic Resection System was designed to provide power and speed even in the most challenging arthroscopic procedures. Herb trained physicians how to use Dyonics.

With the success of the company, Herb moved the business to Northern New Jersey where he was able to be closer to his family. With the new opportunities in NJ, the Etzold family invented and manufactured the Portaneb. The Portaneb is a portable pump system used for nebulizers. The Portaneb was a great success, and was later purchased by a company from Long Island. Following the sale of the Portaneb, Herb's brother, Dan, sold his share of the ARMAC business to Herb, and moved to Long Island.

After the success of the Portaneb, ARMAC's business took off with the rentals of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machines. Keeping with the family business, Herb's son, Toby, comes on as ARMAC's first CPM Technician. With ARMAC's patient focused mission, ARMAC started providing patients the convenience to have their CPM machines delivered to their homes.  

The addition of the Cadaver Lab brings ARMAC to Florham Park, New Jersey. The larger facility in Florham Park accommodates ARMAC's growing staff and inventory. Now Northern New Jersey's most trusted sports medicine distributor, Toby takes the reins of the business and opens the doors to a second location in Cedar Knolls at the Advanced Medical Center.

With over 40 years of excellent service, our reputation has been established as a company that doctors, patients, hospitals, facilities, and insurance companies can rely on to get the job done. You can trust that your needs will be met. ARMAC strives to satisfy your expectations for many years to come. 

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