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ARMAC will get you the products you need! We work with multiple vendors who have what you're looking for.

Take a look at these manufacturers we inventory, but are not limited to:

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How Can I Order from ARMAC?

  1. Get the prescription from your doctor for the item needed
  2. Fill out ARMAC's Brace Request Form on our website with your information & your insurance information, or you can call it in
  3. Fax the prescription and information sheet with copies of your insurance card to ARMAC: 973-328-3753

ARMAC Takes Care of the Rest

  • We'll preauthorize the product with the insurance company and let you know when you can receive your product
  • We'll schedule a pick-up & drop-off date
  • We'll set up a time to have the product delivered, fit & explained on its proper use and care to you

Have any questions? Call ARMAC today and we'll walk you through the process!

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